The Relevance of Bible Prophecy to our Readiness

1. The relevance of Bible prophecy to our readiness for the 2nd coming of our Lord
Article handout outlining why God has given prophecy and how relevant to our lives in the truth it is now.

The Continuous Historic Interpretation

1. The Continuous Historic Interpretation Vindicated by History and Current Events
Article handout outlining how God has worked in the past, and how this helps us to correctly understand those prophecies which are yet to be fulfilled.

Introduction to Revelation – Testimony Article Series

1. Introduction to Revelation – Testimony Article Series
A series of articles giving an introduction to the book of Revelation.

The False Prophet

The False Prophet has always been identified and understood historically as the Pontif.  But more recently an alternative Islam view has been advanced.
This article demonstrates the Scriptural basis for the ‘Papacy’ view, and explains why the ‘Islam’ view does not harmonise with the prophecies in Revalation.

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